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  • hit-wing

    Stunt pilot almost killed at US air show

    A stunt pilot has almost been decapitated in the US after another plane’s wing sliced off his cockpit canopy. Thom Richard was preparing to take off in his stunt plane at the National Championship Air Races in Reno yesterday when he warned officials of engine troubles. After marshals issued a red flag, the US pilot […]

  • dog-vs-bears

    Tiny Dog Defends The Home Against Trespassing Bears

    Jules…the french bulldog kicked some ass recently.The french bulldog which only weighs 20 pounds  !!!  chased two young bears away from their yard. The bears most probably were just looking for some food,but Jules didn’t care.That is his home and he needs to defend it.The poor bears didn’t know what happened…they are running away from […]

  • james-deen

    Tests You Have To Pass To Become A Male Porn Star

    Most of us enjoy watching … type of movies.Ofc where it is not illegal – sorry for you guys. If you ever wondered what does it take to became an actor,what are the requirements and such,you don’t have to wonder anymore.It is not all fun at all. Thanks to a Redditor called ‘carnageeleven’ (cool name) […]

  • first-class

    The $21,000 First Class Airplane Seat

    First class seat on a plane is like a myth,everybody knows that it is there somewhere,but nobody really experienced it. At least none of my friends or the people i know.A first class seat can go from $1500-$2000 to the sky. This is the only reason that we don’t really pay for it,as i mean […]

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  • tom

    Did you Know: Tom Clancy Never Served In The Military?

      For sure your heard of Tom Clancy before.Even if you didn’t play with his games,at least you heard of the famous series of shooting games. You would think that he was in the military for a long time as his name is associated with one of the best shooting games,commando style. Well apparently most […]

  • s7

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Exploding In Restaurant

    We will see 2 videos exploding S7 cellphones.However they say that it is going to explode only if it is on a charger. You can see clearly on the first video that the phone was not even close to a charger,and the second video in a restaurant where is no charger again. So what is […]

  • jackrus

    Jack Russel Does Not Know It’s Size

    Jack Russel is one of the bravest dogs,they even use it for hunting.You can see also from this short clip,that he means business. What he want he will get it.Not even the king of the jungle will interfere:    

  • 6436

    World’s Most Disturbing Cakes

    We always buy a cake,can it be a birthday,anniversary or any other special occasion.The cake is there on the table. Most of just want one cake,because that is the custom to have one for the occasion.Others want to express something and again others want to fool around with the cake. These types obviously not regular […]

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    Albino Animals Like Never Seen Before

    These animals are very rare,the same goes for them as for a human.This problem is caused the lack of pigments in the skin.They have to take special precaution in case it is a human.Can’t be too long on the sun as they will get burned and their eyes are very sensitive. This beautiful Doberman is […]

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