Biker captures driver’s dangerous path when he has stroke behind wheel

This is the moment a Florida driver appears to have a stroke while speeding down a highway.
The unnamed man is seen in footage captured on the dash cam of a biker who tries desperately to get the driver to pull over.
‘Pull over! Oh my god,’ the biker is heard in the video, as the driver speeds through the shoulder of the road, apparently unaware that he’s driving on grass.
The car smashes through a street light and keeps going as if nothing happened.
He continues to drive at high speeds despite a blown tire.
The driver finally stops in a ditch — but continues to accelerate as if he’s still going.
‘You need to stop,’ the biker tells the man. ‘Get off the gas!’
The driver appears disoriented, as if he was having a stroke. He gives barely audible responses.
‘Are you alright? Do you know where you’re going?’ the biker asks. ‘You know your car is totaled right?’





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