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Daredevil Attempted To Jump From A Roof Into A Pool And Missed

Most probably you have seen his videos if you spend a little bit more time online than checking your emails.

In the last video,which was pool 7,he barely made it to the water.

Now in this one it is the nightmare came true.The water is just too far,he is jumping in a bad angle.As the result,he just lands  Рwith both feet standing straight Рon the side of the pool.

He shows his injuries at the end of the video and does not look good.

Some comments say that he is lucky if he is ever going to walk the same way like before.

He even opened a gofund.me campaign where you can donate him to help pay his hospital bills.

I would think that if somebody is doing dangerous stunts like this,than surely he has to have a very good insurance – apparently no.




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