Homeowner Catches Serial Thief In The Act

The only positive part in US gun law,that you are allowed to protect yourself and your belongings at home.Specially in Texas,there almost everybody has a gun. Obviously it is the Wild West.

Luckily for Paul,he also had a firearm at home when something happened.He didn’t have to fire though,but at least it was there for protection.homeowner

Paul Cavazos from San Antonio,Texas caught a real burglar doing the dirty.Right in the act.


The girlfriend Heidi saw the burglar outside.They knew the burglar already as he robbed the place twice before.

SO Paul got his shotgun and running out guns blazing / he was not shooting though/.

He pointed the shotgun at the crook,as he tried to walk away with someone’s TV.

He told the man to get on the ground.

He was very compliant – what else he could do anyway when a shotgun was in his face,right?

The burglar stayed with the face full on the green until the cops showed up.He was accused that he was breaking into several other homes as well.

They didn’t feel safe before at all,but Paul was ready in case something happens.It did happen.

He was there right on spot and put at the end of this guy’s burglarizing days.At least for a while.


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Homeowner Catches Serial Thief In The Act