Idiot Comcast Technician Caused Accident After Accident

Have to open a debate on this.As clearly their presence on the road is not wanted.

The road is full with snow and icy – however they have a job to do,but they block half of the road.

This way they caused several accidents. Why did they cause it? Because they supposed to put out more warning signs and supposed to be put it more fare than that.

They just didn’t care and put the regular cones to a regular distance and didn’t care about the weather conditions.

On the other hand – the drivers supposed to drive with a speed that they would be able to stop at any time.Clearly,many of them didn’t.

Did you see that pickup hit the back of the VW? That is what i am talking about.


WHO is to BLAME?

Let us know in the comments!


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Idiot Comcast Technician Caused Accident After Accident