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‘Little Hercules’ Is Now A Man! Is He Still Lifting Weights?!



The world was stunned when Richard Sandrak, a.k.a. ‘Little Hercules’ rose to fame in the early 2000s. People could not believe how it was possible for a 6-year-old to have such a toned and muscular body. What kind of life does a 6-year-old live to get that kind of body?

His parents were immigrants from Ukraine and they lived a very healthy lifestyle as well.

No wonder that he started to exercise at such an early age.He was watching his parents working out,doing cardio and such.

His father was a martial art expert,so Richard became and expert also at the age of 5.

They moved from the east coast to California to seek stardom for Richard.They managed it with the help of his first manager Frank Giardina.




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