Man Believes Flat Is Haunted After Filming Objects Moving By Themselves

After almost three days of nothing happening.. I had a 24 Hour CQ Shift at work from 9AM Thursday until 9AM Friday. I came home to find a few things out of place and decided to review the footage.. It scared the absolute hell out of me watching it. I was probably being paranoid, but it felt like I could feel someone or something looking at me. Like I could feel it’s presence, and it did gave me chills. Shortly after I had the most horrible feeling and I had this intense wave of anger running through me for over half an hour that I can’t explain. I had nothing to be angry about.. This freaked me out and has kind of pushed me to my limit. I’m seriously considering breaking my lease to move. I’ll continue to record my apartment for evidence as long as I’m here, but if this keeps up I’m moving out. All this stuff has really taken a toll on me mentally and affected my sleep. And frankly it’s starting to seriously make me paranoid. I’ve tried a lot of the advice I’ve received from you all, and I appreciate it, so hopefully something will get rid of whatever this is sooner or later. Let me know what you think in the comments guys. I am still open to all suggestions and value your opinions. Thanks for the support. Visit this link to read about my full experience.


Christmas Time Nightmare Full Video.


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Man Believes Flat Is Haunted After Filming Objects Moving By Themselves