Red carpet show is a Battlefield

The name of the game is red carpet.They don’t call it battlefield by mistake,as it truly is.Stars are competing with each other who has the fanciest dress or who is sexier.While back in the days,the glimpse of an ankle was already considered outrageous,now the ladies are wearing dresses made of scotch tape.No,not literally as these creations are mostly very expensive and their material is exclusive,but what they cover,could be covered even with a tape only.

Bjork at the Oscars 2001


Contrasted with the past two dresses, this one is only a clever expansion to the rundown. This dress was stunning not on the grounds that it indicated a lot of skin, but rather on the grounds that it was such an amusing and surprising decision. Abandon it to Bjork to stun individuals with an offbeat dress and add some contention to the generally exceptionally formal occasion.


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Red carpet show is a Battlefield